The expert shop sign manufacturer
working across South Wales and the South East 

If you are looking to purchase commercial shop signs for your business or organisation, it can be a rather bewildering task. 
  • How do you know what is available for you to choose from?
  • What price range to suit your budget? 
  • How do you know if you've had the opportunity to consider all of the options? 
With Sign Projects Ltd you are choosing a shop sign manufacturer who will help you with these questions? We have the experience, knowledge and skill to help you create the perfect customer facing brand message for your organisation.

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Communicating through your signage

Your signage is not simply a fixture on a building, first and
foremost, it is a communication tool.

Buying the right commercial shop sign is essential, and the cost of not
choosing the right signage to communicate with your target
customer can be detrimental to a business.... What price is a
missed opportunity and lost revenue?

We work with clients across the UK. From the South East to South Wales.

We offer more than just great signage

To help you make a confident commercial choice, Sign Projects
Ltd offers a wide range of products and services at competitive
prices to suit your budget.

You know your business best and we’ll show you the best tools
to communicate your product, service or offer. Our services
Our services
Looking for a commercial shop sign manufacturer that will help you stand out? Let Sign Projects Ltd's help you communicate more effectively with your customers. Call 0800 369 2612 today, Serving South Wales, the South East and UK.
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