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When it comes to external building signs, Sign Projects Ltd can help you stand out. We offer a great range of quality signs, from illuminated and non illuminated to 3D formed lettering or flat profile panels. Contact us today to find out more.

Choosing the right external building sign

Deciding which type of external building sign for your business is likely to depend on the type of business, location and the type of customer, client or visitor and market you operate in. Also what opportunity your location offers.

Is yours a prominent building and does it offer you the opportunity to promote your corporate identityAre you looking to attract passing trade or simply to raise awareness of your brand? You may not receive many visitors and wish simply wish to identify your premises.

We will also help you and your business with exhibition display stands or ground mounted signs, get in touch to find out how we can help.

Perhaps you receive important clients or prospective clients and need to make a corporate statement to reflect the quality of your product or service. Here's what Sign Projects, South Wales can offer you:

External Building Signs

These signs are used by many of the major out of town retailers due to their robustness against the elements and the flexibility of designs options in large scale.

Illumination options include either internally mounted fluorescent tubing (or LED modules available) providing through panel illumination, or overhead trough illumination, which provides external illumination.
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Shopfront signs

Good shop front signs are must if you want to attract passing trade. Shop front signs will inform passers-by exactly who you are and what you do, as well as reflect the type of business that you would like to be perceived as. 

A Shop front signs can be manufactured in a number of different shapes, sizes and materials, depending on the type of business, your target customer, architecture and the general street scene. You should carefully consider how the sign will look against backgrounds and local environment. There is also the subject of whether to have the sign illuminated or not. Remember, your shop front sign will reflect your business.  
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Illuminated signs

Illuminating your sign can create additional impact for your business, if you have night trade, it’s a must! Illumination can generate greater awareness, which is of particularly high value if your business is located in an area of high traffic flow.
You can choose from: 
  • Internal and external illumination
  • Through face or ‘Halo’ effect. 
The decision on the type of illumination will be influenced by the result you looking for.

Our modern LED source options offer greater reliability, longer life and vastly improved economy. If you're not sure about what to choose, don’t worry we’ll help you choose the right option to best suit your business.
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If you need external building signs to draw in your customers attention, then contact Sign Projects Ltd today. We work with clients across the whole of the UK, we can help you create something amazing. 
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