Ground Mounted and Architectural Signs

Ground mounted signs in the UK

It stands to reason, make your business more visible and you’ll attract more customers. Sign Projects Ltd, can help you to create some of the most amazing and eye catching ground mounted signs and directional & information signs for your business. Contact us today. We work with clients across South Wales, Cardiff, Birmingham and the whole of the UK.

Ground mounted signs

We offer a wide range high visual impact signs from:
  • Elegant, architectural monolith style signs that stand out in the street- scene and reflect a prestigious and contemporary image for your organisation. 
  • Versatile, modular slatted system signs in your corporate identity to direct your visitors around your site. 
  • Economic post mounted systems, which are low price, long-life constructions.
Looking for external building signs, interior business signs or simply want to know about our services, contact us today to find out more.

Monolith style signs

Monolith signs offer a great advantage in locations where your building might not be visible from on approach, or if there is insufficient space on your building for a sign.

Creating a high profile, a monolith sign creates a strong presence and high visual impact in the street scene.

See Monolith Style Signs

Directional & information signs

Inform and direct your visitors around your premises whist re-enforcing your corporate image. Every sign is a communication and is a reflection of the organisation it represents.

We offer ranges of wall mounted, grounded or ceiling suspended signs. As well as contemporary styles to match our sign ranges, we also offer elegant glass and stainless signs with a range of different custom mountings and versatile slatted systems.

You can use these signs in a reception to list partners or organisations within the building, to identify rooms, departments or suites. Location signs marking facilities, way-finding and directional information signs.
See Ground Mounted Signs See Directional and Information Signs
Sign Projects Ltd can create any ground mounted sign or directional signage for your business. Why not contact us today? We work across the whole of the UK. 
Call 0800 369 2612 
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