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Sign design consultancy services
across the UK

We are not just sign makers, we can help create or revamp your brand image. Raise awareness of your organisation, communicate more effectively with your prospective customers.

Good design and specification will reinforce your message and enhance your image, whereas poor design and specification can only confuse and detract from your message and simply convey the wrong perception of your organisation.

Contact Sign Projects Ltd and see how we can help you communicate the right message through your signage with our sign design consultancy service.

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Brand implementation

Poor branding amounts effectively, to talking to the wrong audience. The use of ineffective or just plain wrong messages or the choice of inappropriate promotional or marketing tools is a waste of money and a missed opportunity.

Your signage is not simply a fixture on your building... it is first and foremost a communications tool

What’s more, it can often be the only communication between you and your prospective customer. Therefore it can have a significant impact on the success of your business. So many businesses fail to grasp or simply don’t understand how to identify and exploit these key, profitable opportunities:

The Opportunity 

  • To increase awareness of your organisation and attract more customers
  • To improve customer and prospective customer perception of your business
  • To improve customer experience with effective communication
  • To convey an offer more successfully and to drive sales
All of which will increase enquiries or increase footfall and create the opportunity to gain new customers and drive sales

Signage schemes


We’ll give you expert advice on which type of signage will offer you the best solution. Specification is influenced by the size, location, viewing conditions, cost and environmental considerations, also certain BSEN standards may apply.

We can help designers, specifiers, architects and project owners to deliver the very best return on investment in your signage communications scheme.


We have experience in multiple site re-brands, multi-sign
installation schemes and large site way-finding and information
schemes and communications packages to take the pressure
off you


There are a large number of options to choose from; materials, products and systems, and we’ll show you the right ones for your application using the latest production methods. We offer expert technical specification, sample production if required, and even prototype development to meet special design criteria or particular architectural sympathies.

Project management

We can project manage your scheme. We are well used to meeting demanding timelines and we have the ability to manufacture to short production turnaround times to meet tight deadlines and we offer national installation coverage across the UK.

Design Consultancy

Consulting us can save you time, trouble, cost and a missed opportunity.


Our input when specifying can be invaluable. We can advise designers, specifiers, architects and project owners how to bring out the very best return on their investment in a scheme.

We can advise you on systems, materials and fabrication with a view to preventing ‘designed-in’ cost or avoidable technical difficulties from the outset.


We can offer you advice on local authority planning conditions, regulation around the need to apply for consent to display an advertisement, or not. And guidelines and parameters governing ‘deemed consent’. 'We can liaise with the local planning office or
we can handle planning applications for you, as well as matters around special preservation orders governing signage


If you haven’t got your message across, you cannot know how your target audience truly values your offer. You can make a significant investment creating a valuable brand yet if the implementation is poor then an opportunity has been missed. Not
just a single opportunity but thousands and tens of thousands of opportunities to connect with your target audience with an effective message.


We're able to provide you with guidance on a range of compliance requirements affecting your signage, for example: DDA Signage requirements, safety signage specifications to BS5988-1, bi-lingual guidelines, compliance with the NHS hospital charter, transport sign specification and AOS signage compliance in the parking sector.

Sign Projects Ltd offer full brand design consultancy services for your company. We are not just sign makers, we can help create or revamp your brand image  across the UK. So why not give us a call on 0800 389 2612
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